Hilary Duff has come out and said she has ‘high hopes’ for the Lizzie McGuire sequel series!

The show has hit a few road blocks with a fired show runner and writing issues revolving around the show being too adult-oriented.

“We started shooting, and then obviously that got on hold for a couple of different reasons not involving the pandemic,” the actress told E! Online in an interview, “But you know what, I have high hopes that we are going to make it work.”

Hilary is a firm believer that the show SHOULD be older and wiser, as her fanbase has now grown up.

“‘It’s like a responsibility to [Lizzie], honouring her and the fanbase that grew up with her,’ she said. ‘We kind of put her on pause, and had to go back to the drawing board, but I feel optimistic that it will happen.”

I’m with you Hilary! I grew up with Lizzie and I don’t want to watch a show set in high school now that I’m in my mid twenties!

Disney+ are the powerhouse behind the revamp, with two episodes filmed we’ll have to wait and see if the show does in fact go on!



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