Heather Maltman has joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning in light of her shock departure from The Bachelor last night. The bubbly brunette, who was a favourite to take out Sam’s heart was shown breaking down in a promo before the episode aired and had been very open about her fear of home visits.

It has been said that Heather asked Sam not to take her through to home visits if he had any doubts about her whatsoever, which made last night’s episode even more painful.

The last girl who was burned on The Bachelor was last year’s winner, Sam Frost, who was then ultimately left at the altar.

Now, Sam Frost is about to be the first Australian Bachelorette and be in charge of her own roses, but could Heather follow in her footsteps next year?


When asked by Kyle and Jackie O, Heather admitted that she’s been asked that question by a few people and while she couldn’t do it if it was tomorrow, it is something she may look at if the time is right.


Now that I would watch!!

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