Heather Maltman has been a clear front runner to win The Bachelor, and Sam Wood’s heart, from the very beginning.

A few weeks ago we had Heather admit that she gets the ‘heads up’ from Sam when he’s going to kiss another girl in an episode, to which Sam corrected her, “I think what Heather means is that I gave her a heads up at the time, while we were filming.”

Snezana, another front runner told Kyle and Jackie O that she hadn’t heard from Sam since filming ended, which, until Sam clarified things, made us think Heather was the clear winner.

Now, it appears that Heather may have spilled the beans accidentally while speaking to Zoe and Monty on the 3pm Pick-Up.

She spoken about their time together and how when the cameras are off them they do get a bit of time together, but it was what she finished her statement with that really raised eyebrows.

“I’m so thankful for that [time] because it means that I made a really good friend, as well as a partner.”

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Disclaimer: Show producers have been known to feed white lies to stars to throw the audience off the scent and keep the show interesting. While there’s nothing to prove this is the case with Heather, we’re always suspicious!

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