If you’re like us, you’re MAFS obsessed right now!

This morning, Ivan and Hayley popped into our studios to catch up with Kyle and Jackie O and opened up about last nights *juicy* ep.

Guys, just a reminder: we’re still in the early, early days of MAFS but already, there’s SO much drama.

Anywho, Kyle put the hard question straight to Hayley, asking if she “got the [guy] she wanted.”

Her answer was a hard “no!” referring to her “husband” David.


Hayley went on to reveal that her dad told her before she went on the show that show that she was only there for a reaction.


“He told me to stop looking at this through rose coloured glasses and that I’d be put with the introvert.”

So Jackie asked her who she wished she’d actually been set-up with.

“Out of the whole experiment, none of them are really my cup of tea but out of anyone, I’d go Chris,” she revealed.

“Chris is Vanessa’s partner, reason being, he’s a family man, laid back Aussie and has a good moral compass. He’s a straight shooter.”


Well there you go!

Listen to the chat below:

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