Oh no.

I know they think this will help me sleep but it’s just going to make me sweaty.

No one can argue with me when I state that right now, in this moment, Harry Styles probably has the hottest voice and yummiest pair of vocal cords available. 

(A strange but not untrue sentence, I’ll stand by it.)

Which is probably why the relaxation app ‘Calm’ has gotten him on board to record some of his deep tones.

Harry will be narrating a sleepy bedtime story called ‘Dream with Me’, more like ‘Dream OF ME’ ammirite ladies? (sorry I’ll stop.)


It is absolutely all over for me.

And probably a million other girls and boys after they watched that tweet.

Damn you ‘Calm’! You’re doing the exact opposite of what your name promises!

We can expect the audio story to drop TODAY, so get on that app ASAP.

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