After last week assuring us all that she is “incredibly close to the common woman” Gwenyth Paltrow has come out with a list of ‘Ten Ways To Have A Pain-free Pregnancy“…

We’re not sure about you, but the idea of a pain-free pregnancy seems pretty foreign to us. As do some of the steps.

While her intentions were well, we aren’t sure of many women who are able to completely let go of all of life’s stresses for nine months, as her ninth point states “stress and pregnancy do not mix, at any stage”. 

Other steps are easier to adopt – not becoming fixated on a birthing plan without any wriggle room in case it doesn’t go as planned – others seem a little over the top, and or pricey.

For example the cranial sacral therapy she suggests costs over $100 per session (with a recommendation of 15 – 20 sessions, once a week), while reflexology also adds to the list of expenses. 

Of course in true form she says ditch any cravings and make sure you are on an anti-inflammatory diet for the full nine months. 

She has also suggested spending your third trimester either on your hands and knees constantly or alternatively in water.


Although we would LOVE to see Gwyneth on hands and knees doing her recommended figure 8 motion… 

Another suggestion is to get atleast 12 – 14 hours sleep if possible – OH THE LUXURY THAT WOULD BE!

While there are certainly some helpful hints on the list for all those who are going through the amazing yet at times uncomfortable experience of pregnancy, we just don’t believe that having a perfect and pain free pregnancy free of stress, and with a masseuse and reflexologist on beck and call is all that realistic for the ‘common woman’.

What do you think? A new pregnancy bible or just a list further emphasizing how different her life is in comparison to us mere mortals?

The full list as well as descriptions of each point can be found here.

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