Gwyneth Paltrow was recently a guest on Jon Favreau’s cooking show – The Chef Show. 

The movie-veterans-turned-food-enthusiasts make a dish called “Pepper Pot” in this episode of the new Netflix series.

“This is your namesake in the Marvel universe,” said Favreau.

They got to talking about how Favreau started his new show when they were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming together in Atlanta.

Paltrow, confused, said “We weren’t in Spider-Man.”

She firmly believed that she is only in the Avengers films and NOT Spider-Man.


Favreau gently reminded her of the scene they were in together and the memories all came RUSHING back!

Clearly in a moment of panic for a moment there, Jon saved the day for Gwyneth, who forgot about a whole movie she was in. But handled it gracefully and hilariously.

You can watch The Chef Show on Netflix now!

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