You may remember earlier this year, Guy Sebastian surprised the students of St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School in Haberfield when he dropped in on their school choir’s assembly performance?

The happy tears running down their cute little faces made us all tear up as well!

The choir wanted to return the joy and thought it was time to flip the switch and surprise the celebrity.

So after weeks of rehearsals and planning with the secret help of Guy’s wife, it was show time and all their hard work paid off.

“Even though I was somewhat prepared for the surprise, as soon as the kids started singing, that was it – I was done! A blubbering mess!  It was so moving, and it is never lost on me that people go to such efforts just because they love Guy and want to do something nice for him,” Jules said about the whole experience.

Watch the video and TRY not to get emotional, I dare you!

There’s something so magical about passionate children and Guy seemed to agree wholeheartedly.

“It just goes to show that kids are actually the coolest humans out there. The fact that they (and some very kind grown-ups) went to such lengths to do something special for me on album release week was truly moving. I wanted to watch it over and over just to see the joy on their faces. The surprise was completely genuine and I’ll never take for granted that my music connects me with so many people  – it’s one of my greatest gifts in life.”

The choir performance ‘Love on Display’ a song on Guy Sebastian’s new album T.R.U.T.H which is out now!