Home and Away actress, Emily Symons is pregnant at 45! Emily who plays ‘Marilyn’ on the popular TV show has announced she is 15-weeks pregnant with partner Paul Jackson. 

Emily revealed that it has been a real struggle and she had almost given up hope of ever becoming a mum. She told The Sunday Telegraph “I very much thought it couldn’t happen and I was too old.” 

“I thought it would be impossible but it isn’t. I’d given up really, I thought I had tried every avenue that was available to us. My advice is to not give up.” 

“Obviously at my age, you have to wait a long time ­before you can tell anyone, so I’ve known for a while, but I haven’t been able to share,” she said.

Emily has had two failed attempts at IVF and she explained she spent a lot of her time in her 30s anguishing over not having a baby. 


“It is a waiting game and it is very gruelling on your emotions and your relationship. I am so ­inspired by what women go through to achieve their dream, to become pregnant and have a family, you’ve got to be prepared to do that stuff to get the baby.”

Symons has confirmed that she will stay on the set of Home and Away throughout her pregnancy. 

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