You know how in the movies, when people store their expensive things, it’s always in a cool vault with that giant wheel that spins?

Well, Melbourne and Sydney has one – who knew!

And the best part is that it’s every bit as amazing as you’d imagine it to be.

Guardian Vaults is located in Melbourne and Sydney, and they’re the first privately-owned safe deposit box facility in Australia.

People store everything and anything in there, and to get into the safe, there’s a HUGE wheel that is bloody heavy. Like, we’re not joking – you’ve really gotta put your back into it.

Before you get to the wheel, you go through an extensive screening process and then, the wheel to the vaults is there.

And we’re not going to lie, this writer really got to have her Inspector Gadget moment, spinning the wheel.


While mere mortals can’t just walk in to check it out, you can visit the Guardian Vaults website here.

And check out the video above to see what it looks like!

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