An argument has unfolded on an ALDI fan page over the grocery chain’s use of plastic packaging for vegetables.

Instagram page ALDI Lovers Australia posted an image of pre-cut vegetables from The Fresh Veggie Co., particularly their carrots sticks, shreds and mixes.

What seems to be a simple promotional post turned into a war of words as fans of the store debated over whether ALDI was being responsible with the use of plastic packaging for vegetables.

“Plastic plastic plastic. Just chop your damn vegetables yourself peeps,” one Instagram user said. Others used sarcasm to share their distaste, with another user saying, “I really wish @aldiaustralia would do less of this…surely LESS plastic-wrapped food is what we need?!”

Tammy defended the post, explaining that pre-cut vegetables have benefits for people who need an extra hand in their day-to-day.


“Some people cannot physically cut their vegetables, like the elderly or the disabled.

“I’m not denying that is an issue and I’ve posted about that in the past but when people comment about lazy people buying pre-cut vegetables that’s judgmental and that’s the point I’m addressing here. I really do hope there can be other ways of selling pre-cut vegetables but right now this is the only way some people can buy them. Don’t they deserve to eat them?”

Others backed Tammy, with one sharing her own personal story,

“Thank you for defending those who use these products. Personally I am visually impaired so the use of these saves Carer time and I can put that time to more important things like home help etc. it gives me independence to do it myself. While it is just opening a packet inference to a person whom has lost a lot is a win. Yes, it is more plastic but with time there will be a solution.”

It’s an interesting topic, and hopefully soon there will be a way that everyone can agree on.

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