A Melbourne Mum who was refused refunds following her stillbirth is speaking out about her experiances after having a horrible time in stores.

Belinda Ainley is talking about her problems in the months following her child death to raise awareness about the lack of support parents whose babies died get.

Ms Ainley told The Age that the taboo around stillbirths left her feeling isolated when she needed the most support.

She said ”There was no compassion from the people that work in industries that are supposed to be all about babies,” Ms Ainley said. “You’re left feeling like you not only don’t have your baby, but that you don’t count because everybody feels too awkward to talk about it and so nothing happens.”

Ainley said the most disappointing aspect of her situation was the hard work she had to undertake to return the products she had bought for her child to retailers.

When she tried to return thousands of dollars of products to Melbourne stores, she found their returns policies were not lenient and found it hard to return the products.

One store refused to refund the full cost of the cot and accessories, valued at $611, only offering a partial because she did not have the original packaging.


Another company, a major clothing retailer, told Ainley they could not refund a gift card because of the terms and conditions of the card.

Ainley told The Age ”There’s been many thousands of dollars in funeral and cremation costs, and medical tests for myself and Ash to try and find a cause of death, but returning these things wasn’t just about getting the money back. It’s also a question of, ‘What do we do with a carseat when we don’t have a baby?’

One store did refund everything and she has praised Baby Bunting for their policy, with a staff member saying that she could return whatever she wanted, when she wanted and the store didn’t ask when she returned $2,000 worth of stock.

A crowdfunding page has been launched to try and recoup the costs and can be found here.

Source: The Age.

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