Ever since Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s husband John was involved in an accident that saw him fall from a balcony and break his neck, the television legend has been broken.

For the six weeks since the accident, Kerri-Anne has been the devoted wife, constantly stationed by John’s bedside, after the serious neck fracture that left him barely able to move or communicate.

Great news has finally come for the couple today, with news that 75-year-old John is set to finally be moved out of intensive care.

“After 6 and a half weeks in Intensive Care John is moving to the spinal unit,” the TV personality, 62, proudly posted on Instagram.

The photo shows John surrounded by Kerri-Anne and his medical team as he smiles for the camera.

“Just a few of the brilliant nurses and doctors who looked after him 24 hours a day. Thank you to these wonderful professionals,” she wrote.


Earlier this week, Kerri-Anne shared a heartwarming photo of ‘Digger’ the dog embracing John for a cuddle as he lay in bed.

“Today was the first time Digger recognised John and made us all happy. So true, pets are therapy,” she said.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Image source: Instagram