This is why tinder scares us really badly.

Arielle Musa, met a guy called Endri on the dating app and thought he was really normal, so they went on a date at a bar in New Jersey, USA.

Arielle said ”He seemed normal and trying to be respectful. He was complimenting me, we had a normal conversation about ourselves.”

She, however, didn’t feel romantic towards Endri as she ”felt creeped out by his personality and the way he looked at me”.

You would think you can walk away from a date if it didn’t go well.. but that wasn’t the case for Arielle.

Endri opted to text Arielle letting her know exactly how he was feeling.. and he wanted to hook up with her.


From here, it just got worst, he started to rant, telling Arielle that she was the one in the wrong for not sleeping with him. Remember, this is date one!

It keeps going because he obviously isn’t enough of an idiot for the previous texts, he then asks Ariella to pay him back for the money he spent going to see her!

When the texts were sent to Arielle’s friend Tamara on Twitter, they were reassured that not every guy is the same and this was just an extreme case of someone trying to get a root.


It’s OK, there is an end to the story, as Endri text Ariella, telling her to leave him alone.

That’s right, she needed to leave him alone..

We’d all be happy to see the back of him, right?


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