If what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, we’re in for a HUGE treat in the new season of Geordie Shore.

Already we’ve had a pregnancy announcement, a tragedy, a shock exit and now, one of the biggest meltdowns we’ve ever seen in Geordie history.

Footage has emerged of Holly Hagan in Magaluf, having just found out that her ex, Kyle Christie, of which she shared a famously rocky relationship over the last year, slept with Geordie housemate, Chantelle Connelly.

In the video, Holly is seen on location with her Geordie Shore castmates and crew in Magaluf, Spain. She has just been informed that Kyle and Chantelle had slept together and promptly loses it.

The video cuts in to just after the fight, where Holly is sobbing uncontrollably, screaming and being held back by Gary, Aaron and security.

Chantelle then comes on screen pointing to where Holly had ripped out her hair extensions before going over to her and repeating, “I didn’t know! Holly, I didn’t KNOW man!”


This is going to make some EPIC TV guys. And of course, the world continues to hate Kyle.

Source: Daily Mail

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