Forget about the winter, Jon Snow is coming!!

It’s already been hailed as one of the greatest moments in TV history and the show has managed to pull off one of the most unbelievable cover ups of a plot line ever known.

Fans have been waiting an agonising ten months to find out if Jon Snow is really dead.

Millions watched last week as season six of the hit series kicked off but the Jon Snow question remained unanswered.

Well in true Games of Thrones style they have answered it unexpectedly in the second episode.


We don’t know what’s more incredible, that something everyone WANTED to happen, did (the show is notorious for taking away viewer’s favourite characters) or that they managed to keep it such a big secret.

In a world where nothing remains a surprise anymore because of social media, it’s just amazing that the entire cast and crew played along with this.

Because Jon Snow is BACK folks and he must be mad as hell. Fair play to Kit Harington who plays the popular character for going along with this secret for as long as he did. We salute you Kit!

And he apologised immediately after the episode aired to fans for lying this whole time.


Now we are all like this until next week.

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