We all buy milk and bread on our weekly shop, they are our staples and we probably couldn’t live without them.

There’s just one thing we didn’t expect to find in Costco.


That’s right, Coffins have gone on sale on Costco Wholesale’s store in Ringwood as of Wednesday and there are plans to introduce them to the low-cost retailers seven other Australian stores.

The store has 14 different kinds of coffins and caskets ranging in price from $360 to $3800 alongside the stores norms of groceries, electronics and household goods.

Manufacturer Scientia’s founder Issac Leung told Melbourne’s The Age ”Dying is expensive and funeral costs are evidently going higher and higher and people are going to look for the savings.”

When probed about whether the coffins would be successful Leung said the coffins have been native in their stores for years.


In Australia, the coffins will be ordered through Scientia and delivered to the customers funeral director.

The coffins are made in Italy or China dependant on their price.

CostCo opened it’s first Aussie store in Adelaide in 2014 and has now grown to 8 stores.

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