Tragically, a family in Missouri, America are mourning the loss of their nine-month old baby after their five-year old picked up what’s said to be a loaded .22 calibre handgun, later revealed to be a paintball gun and accidentally fired it at the playpen where his younger brother was sitting.

The baby boy was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Missouri and pronounced dead just hours later.

Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White revealed details of the mother’s call to authorities to US news channel, KCTV5, “She said that she needed an ambulance at her home, that her five-year-old son had shot her nine-month-old son in the head with a paintball gun,” he said.

The Sheriff also explained that the shooting was an accident and that the gun belonged to another family member, not the mother. The three other children in the family are currently in the custody of relatives.

Images via KCTV5 and

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