First Dates Australia seems to be the perfect place for people to find love. But it isn’t all it seems.

That’s according to contestant Shadi Alexander who has revealed a few secrets from behind the scenes of the Channel 7 show, having returned for the second series.

He admits the odds of finding love are low, and the contestants have to pay for the whole experience.

According to Shadi, the couples can spend up to $150 per date and rinks and dinner, which takes place at the Verandah restaurant in Sydney. They also have to find their way there and sort out their hair, makeup and styling.

The UK version is a little different, as the daters are given £25 towards their dinner and the dates decide how to split the bill.

The whole process to getting to the date takes six months, and you must undergo a full background check before getting anywhere near the restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, the dates are even more awkward than they look thanks to all the cameras around them, and sometimes they can last for over two hours. 


Speaking to the Herald Sun, the 29-year-old told: ‘I really genuinely want to find love’. 

‘Look, I didn’t want to look like an idiot on TV, but I was willing to do it.’ 

First Dates Australia returns next Tuesday on Channel Seven at 7.30pm.