They may have ended their night with a cheeky kiss, but according to last night’s dater Grace that’s where the passion ended. Despite Channel Seven’s First Dates claiming Grace and George were now dating, the 20-year-old has hit back labelling the claims untrue. 

While sailor George appeared smitten with the makeup artist, commenting she ‘took his breath away’ viewers were wondering if the feelings were mutual.

While the 20-year-old agreed to go on a second date with George, viewers were shocked to see a load of loved up selfies of the pair at the end of the show, claiming they were now dating and ‘so far… it’s all smooth sailing.’

Grace took to Instagram to clear things up writing: “One of the weirdest things I’ve done, but definitely a really great story to tell the grandkids,” she wrote.

“Shouts to George for the being great even though we are sadly and definitely not is a relationship.”

So disappointing!