Casting your vote as to who you think should lead the country is an important decision that no-one should take for granted.

Following that, the second most important decision true-blue Aussie’s make on election day is: ‘Where can I vote AND get a decent sausage sandwich?’

A host of schools and community groups use state and federal elections as an opportunity to raise funds with a sausage sizzle, and it’s become a bit of a tradition for voters to chow down on a ‘sanga’ when they’re at the ballot box.

No one wants to head down to their local polling booth on election day and find that they won’t get the chance to drip sauce on the ridiculously long senate ballot paper, so the folks at created a site where groups can include their school or hall’s location and voters can easily find a list of polling booths hosting a sausage sizzle in their area.

So if you feel a bit like this on election day….

….at least you can vote on a full stomach and not get too “hangry”! 

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