Felicity Jones the British actress and star of “The Theory Of Everything” has revealed how she gets herself to cry on cue… and it’s a very unhealthy habit.

Long story short… she guzzles red wine the night before!

She explained that in the past she would dread scenes that required her to cry in front of camera, until she discovered alcohol helped her find true emotion. 

When talking to US chat show host Conan O’Brien she said, “I just resorted to the night before just drinking loads of red wine, because then the next day you’re in this slightly suicidal, depressed state… Then it’s perfect for doing really emotional scenes.”

Wow. We definitely do not recommend this to others. As everyone should be aware alcohol is a depressant substance which is more than likely why Felicity was waking up feeling like that. 

Felicity did follow up to say, “I wouldn’t recommend it to young actors; it’s probably not the best method.”

We will agree with that… not the best method at all. Maybe in future she could borrow some onions on set to get the tears flowing. 

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