One father has shared a letter to his son on how to treat a woman and it is absolutely perfect.

Writing for The Good Men Project, Alex Lim starts off: “It seemed like only yesterday that the only girl you didn’t find annoying was your mom. When did that switch flip? When did you start liking girls?”

After advising him to learn from an Expert to avoid making the mistakes others make, Lim goes on to advise just what his son should be looking for in a woman.

“Look for someone that’s better than you. It’s as simple as that,” he writes.

“Look for someone that you admire, not only for her beauty, but also for her brains, her attitude, how she treats her family and friends.

“When you find someone that is better than you, you will automatically want to be a better person around her. When you strive to be a better person for her, it will also uplift you.”

So what’s his top tips of do’s? According to Lim it all starts with being a gentleman…


1) Let her order first and wait for her food to arrive before you eat.

2) Compliment her on how beautiful she looks.

3) Be respectful in front of her parents. Don’t say “Hey, how’s it going”. Say “Good morning Mr. ____.”

4) Be respectful to her parents even when they’re not around. Even if she’s angry at them, stay respectful.

5) Surprise her with something for no reason. Like flowers, not like a snapchat. However, a snapchat story on how you got those flowers might be cool.

6) Watch to make sure she gets home safely before you leave.


7) Walk on the outside of the sidewalk when you’re with her.

8) Don’t kiss and tell (come talk to me if you do not get this.)

9) Make her laugh.

And then there is the really important stuff. Like:

10) Encourage her to aim higher (do better at school, run faster at track, play harder in sports.)

11) Challenge her to try new things, new experiences that will improve her as an individual.


12) Respect her opinions and decisions at all times.

Read the full letter here.

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