Nickelback are the band everyone love to hate, but UK music fan Craig Mandell is taking his hatred of the band to a whole new level.

He’s created “Don’t Let Nickel Back”, a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to Nickelback never, ever performing again in England.

Inspired by a Foo Fighters concert that started on the crowd-funding website, Mandell has the opposite goal – to prevent Nickelback ever performing such a gig. Or any gig of any sort. 

There’s a few options for non-fans of Nickelback who want to support him.

If you kick in $5, he’ll send a strongly worded email, with a more vicious email available for twice that. For $50 he’ll send Nickelback’s music to Nickelback, which apparently will be enough to cause them to quit. 

Nickelback are yet to respond. 




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