Facebook, the queen of stealing other apps ideas and making it their own, has come out with a new feature!

After reels ( ie) TikTok, the platform is now taking on a Snapchat style tool today.

It’s called ‘Vanish’ mode and is part of the new Messenger re-design.

‘Vanish’ mode is available on Facebook AND Instagram and lets you send texts, photos, voice messages, emojis and stickers that will disappear as SOON as the receiver views it and the chat is closed.

Steps to ‘Vanish’:

  1. Tap the icon in the top right-hand corner that looks like a pencil inside a square.
  2. Press the word ‘secret’ in the top right-hand corner
  3. Choose the person you want to have a secret conversation with
  4. Type your message
  5. Click on the timer to the left of the text box and choose how long you want the message to be visible for
  6. Send your message!

You’ll be able to turn on and off the settings of any particular chat or group conversation and they’ll be a swipe feature to turn it on!


It’s OPT IN ONLY, which means you have to agree to enter ‘Vanish Mode’!


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