My Kitchen Rules contestant Adam Anderson has been slammed as a ‘deadbeat dad’ by his ex-wife.

Cindy Anderson, his former wife of almost 20 years went on A Current Affair and claimed that the former tennis professional owes her tens of thousands of dollars in child support for their five children, who are aged between 8 and 15 years. Cindy has said there are no hard feelings over the fact that he has moved on and re-married to Carol Molloy who is his partner on the reality show.

However it is since then she says, that they “get no financial support at all”. The amount in which he owes her has built up over the years. She says it “worries me considerably in that my youngest is only 8 – he has many more years where he needs support from his father.’ 

It is not only the lack of financial support that has Cindy upset, apparently “The children also have no emotional support from him. He does not ring them, or see them. They do not receive a card for their birthdays not even a phone call.” 


Cindy felt the need to speak on A Current Affair instead of dealing with the matter privately because “he has blocked my number and both his childrens.” 

Source: A Current Affair, Channel 7

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