It’s one of those things that we all want, perfect hair.

If looking over social media was a good way of looking for authority on what to use to get that perfect hair, then we can all chuck out the 55 products we currently have in the shower.

According to everyone, who is everyone, including the Kardashians, this tiny blue gummy bear is the new way to solve your problems

Ain’t no bear like a SugarBear. Trust me, I know, I am one 😉🐻 #sugarbearhair

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SugarBear Hair vitamins joins the long list of products that Khloe and Kylie are advertising through their social media and this one appears to be particularly popular, as the product page now boasts a whopping 559,000 followers.

The Insta feed looks pretty amazing, it’s a mix of celebrities, bright pictures and heaps of blue gummy bears, here, there and everywhere.

It is heavily marketed as a hair supplement for longer, stronger and shinier locks and the chewable, vegetarian SuperBear Hair gummies claim to contain 15 natural vitamins and minerals but it may be too good to be true.


According to nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen, she says it’s not great on face value as it’s missing vital ingredients ”Protein is actually the building block of hair and amino acids and that is what your hair is made up of. This isn’t going to be protein source at all. You will get far better results by eating lean meats, seeds, nuts, eggs and healthy omega 3s like fish.”

The gummy bears also have a high sugar content which goes against every celebrity religion we have ever seen, as most have quit sugar.

I saw this sign and knew where I belonged! 🐻😘 #sugarbearhair @mor_lux

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However, some people are sure the product is working, including Alisha Hawthorne, a 27 year old online boutique owner, who is onto her third bottle.

She says ” I began using the gummy because I cut my hair ver short and after a few weeks I didn’t like them as much as I expected”.

Hawthorne says she began taking the vitamin after it has excellent reviews and other similar products were hard to swallow and the smell was bad but she says the blue gummy bear has made her see ”quite a difference in my hair growth and strength already.”


I’m so torn as to whether to use them now..

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