You may have heard about the recent debacle online, where a columnist for The Age suggested that millenials were struggling so much to save money for a house deposit, because they were wasting it all on things like brunch, and, to be more specific, on smashed avocado.

Well, UberEATS have just announced their latest amazing promotion… and everyone can benefit!

They’ve partnered with 25 restaurants across this fine nation who are shouting us some avo.

If you are new to UberEats, then all you need to do is to order the Smashed Avocado option on their menus, and combined with UberEATS’ standard free delivery, you can roll back over in bed and wait for someone to bring you a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Sydney: Three Blue Ducks, John Smith, Stop Valve, 169 Darlinghurst and Well Co. Cafe. $15-$17.
Melbourne: Serotonin Eater, Patch Cafe, Joinery, Sardi Cafe, Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder. $13 – $17.
Brisbane: Pawpaw, Pineapple Express, Little Loco, Scout Cafe, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen. $8 – $16.
Perth: Satchmo Cafe, Source Foods, DuoTone, La Veen Coffee. $9 – $17.50.
Adelaide: Local Grind, Nagev, The Nourish’d Kitchen, Hello Sarnie, Bar 9 Parkside. $8 – $16

This offer is available until Midnight on Sunday the 23rd October.



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