If there’s one person who could wear pretty much anything, whether it be a hair colour, an item of clothing, an accessory, and still be the hottest person on the planet, it’s Emily Ratajkowski.

If she shaved all her hair off, we’d be tempted to grab the razor ourselves. Wear a potato sack as a dress? We’d call the look iconic.

It’s just like the model can do no wrong. And so it’s no surprise that after undergoing a drastic change to her appearance recently that she still looks as hot as ever.

While Em Rata is known for her signature brunette locks, she has just debuted a new look after dying her hair platinum blonde!

It’s no secret that a lot of people have been experimenting with their hair colour and style in iso, but damn we don’t think any have come out looking as good as this!


Emily’s new hair colour comes as she just became an ambassador for the Blonde Absolu line for Kérastase.

“I’ve never colored my hair or changed the length significantly in my entire life! I’m absolutely thrilled that Kérastase gave me their blessing to become a blonde,” Emily said in a press release.

“I just celebrated my birthday and am so happy to be coming out of quarantine with a fresh new look. Beauty is meant to be fun and expressive and this is definitely, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had with my look before.


Well looks like blondes really do have more fun!

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