While we’re still not sick of listening to ‘I Don’t Care’ on repeat after it was released by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber just over a week ago, it appears we can already expect new music from Ed!

The hit singer took to his Instagram to announce that ANOTHER banger is headed our way titled ‘Cross Me’ later this week.

It’s expected to drop sometime on Friday May 24th.

And it seems Ed is in a collaborating mood! As can be seen in the image posted to his Instagram account, two secret artists will feature on this track.

Fans are guessing that the first collaborator will be Chance The Rapper due to the way the words are spread out but the second artist is still a complete mystery.


No matter who’s involved though, we have no idea that ‘Cross Me’ is going to be another hit from Ed, just like ‘I Don’t Care’ is!

Fans also reckon that this new music means that a 4th album, which we all assume has to be called Minus, will debut very soon!

We’ll update you as soon as we know more! Until then, you can find us dancing around to the epic tune of ‘I Don’t Care’!