‘I Don’t Care’ was the first track to come out of Ed Sheeran’s undeniably EPIC new album No. 6 Collaborations project.

And while it was only a taste of the amazing tunes that were to come, it remains one of our absolute favs as we just can’t help but dance when we hear Ed and Justin Bieber combining their incredible voices.

But how did this partnership come about?

As the pair teased the track in the lead up to it’s release, you could tell that Ed and Justin were in a total bromance. But as it turns out, neither of them came up with the idea to join forces.

The genius behind that idea was actually Ed’s wife Cherry! Ed spoke about how this came about while chatting with iHeartRadio’s Charlemagne tha God, who co-hosts The Breakfast Club.


“Bieber just got married. I just got married. That song is about the person you love, and kind of just being like ‘f*** this, let’s just have fun ourselves’,” he revealed.

“It was actually Cherry’s idea, because she was like, ‘Oh why don’t you get Bieber? He’d be perfect for this, he just fits it’.”

And of course, upon request, the Biebs accepted because he is such a big fan of Ed’s (I mean, who isn’t really?)

“I have quite a good relationship with him,” Ed continued. “I met him at [New York City’s] Z100. He came up and said, ‘Oh I’m a big fan,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, have you heard my music?’ So we kept in touch. I wrote some songs for him and with for his projects. We’ve just hung out a bunch of times. I wanna work with Bieber. He’s just got one of these voices that works on anything, and he’s got personality when he sings.”

And so the song that’s become one of our all time favs, ‘I Don’t Care’, was born.

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