We know that Matt Agnew finds love this season on The Bachelor! He told Kyle and Jackie O this himself when he joined us in studio ahead of the season premiere.

So we know that Matt isn’t going to pull a Honey Badger on us. But could he be about to repeat the mistakes of one of the most hated Bachelor’s of all time?

Blake Garvey was the second Bachelor here in Australia and is renowned for proposing to Sam Frost in the finale before breaking up with her and going back to his runner up Louise Pillidge.

And now there’s reports circling that something similar is going to happen once again on Matt’s season, with rumours stating that he pulls what has become infamously known as a ‘Blake Garvey’.

Kyle and Jackie O decided to get straight to the bottom of the rumours to make sure that we weren’t going to be expecting heartbreak following his final episode.

And while we LOVE Matt and really don’t think this sounds like something he would do, his answer didn’t boast too much confidence.

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“We also heard that you might be pulling a Blake Garvey, is that true?” Kyle asked. “Where you pick one and then you change your mind.”

“Uh no,” he said before fumbling through his words and asking Kyle for some more details.

Our executive producer Palestine then interrupted to explain the reasoning behind the rumours.

“It’s because you said something quite cryptic on that ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’,” she explained. “You said like, ‘Oh I pick a girl from the show’. You didn’t specify it’s the one at the end that you pick on screen.”

Matt laughed in response before saying, “I like to be vague, I like to keep the audience guessing. It’d be boring if it was too easy.”


No. NO NO NO! Matt we refuse to watch this storyline happen once again!

Please just pick someone and stick to them like The Bachelor is supposed to do!

We guess we’ll have to just keep on watching to see what happens at the end of the season… Matt’s season of The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30pm on channel 10.

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