This appears to be the moment that Amber Heard managed to record her husband, Johnny Depp, smashing up their kitchen in a bout of rage.

The actress, has denied leaking the video, but it appears to take place on her phone without Depp’s knowledge, according to TMZ.

It is the first visual sign of a domestic incident between the married couple, who are currently locking horns in a divorce battle.

The incident is said to have occurred ‘months’ before the alleged incident that gave Heard a black eye on May 21, 2016.

Sources close to Depp claim that the footage has been ‘heavily edited’ and that in some parts, Amber can even be seen to smile.

The video begins as Depp slams their kitchen cabinets, nearly ripping them off their hinges.

‘Mother f***er! Mother f***er!’ he yells while repeatedly kicking the countertops.  He paces back and forth while Heard asks the actor numerous times ‘What happened?’ 


Off camera, Depp can be heard saying ‘’Nothing.”

She tells him: ‘I just woke up, and you were so sweet, and nice. We were not even fighting this morning. All I did was say sorry.’  

The couple then goes on to talk about events that unfolded in the morning before Depp pour a large glass of wine and says ‘You want to see crazy, I’ll show you something crazy. Oh, you’re crazy. Oh, you’re crazy.’ 

Heard responds saying ‘’Have you drunk this whole thing this morning?’’ as Depp notices she has been filming and says ‘Oh, you got this thing going? You got this going!’

At this moment, Heard says ‘’I just started it’ before the video ends.

Heard has stated that she has not released the footage, and she has ‘underestimated’ the emotional impact divorce proceedings against the star would have on her.