This isn’t a heartwarming story, it’s a heartbreaking story about a severe lack of resources, which ultimately cost someone their life.

27-year-old Lisa Mpongwana released this harrowing image of her and her dying husband in a bid to raise money for her husband’s funeral, and while doing so, she’s highlighting the crisis gripping the NHS, due to their severe delays in responding to emergencies.

In the early hours of January 5th, Lisa’s husband Mthuthuzeli began showing signs of meningitis, and while he was asking questions at first, his health started to deteriorate rapidly.

By the time the ambulance arrived at 4:30am, Mthuthuzeli was completely unresponsive.

Mthuthuzeli never regained consciousness and two days later, Lisa made the hard decision to turn off her her husband’s life support machine.

South Western Ambulance Service blame the hold up on a ‘very busy time’.

Now Lisa, who resides in Bedminster, Wilts is telling her story in a bid to raise more than £5,000 for her husband’s funeral and so far, has managed to raise nearly £2,000 in donations.


“My husband was my soulmate and best friend who stood by me throughout my highs and my lows”, she said.

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