When it comes to The Bachelor, even though there’s usually more than 20 women competing for one man’s heart, there’s usually a select handful that we can always pick out as top contenders.

And this time around with Dr Matt Agnew in the hot seat, we have to say that his connection with blonde bombshell Helena Sauzier makes us feel fairly sure that she’ll make it far in the competition.

But does this photo prove that she actually wins the whole thing? Fans are pretty convinced that it does! And if so, it’s a pretty big blunder on Matt’s behalf.

Now our Bachie may have a PhD, but that didn’t stop him from making a pretty obvious (and silly if she does actually win) post to Instagram yesterday. (Producers are gonna be maaaaddd!)

Matt posted a picture of him on a beach staring out across the waves at sunset.

The caption read, “I like sunsets and staring at them sagaciously pondering life.”


Seems pretty innocent right? WRONG! Matt actually tagged the location of the image as being in Broome Western Australia. As in the Broom WA where Helena lives! In fact, she’s the only contestant still in the competition that is from the western state.

Understandably, fans began to make the connection and were quick to assume that Matt must be over there holidaying with her!

He did attempt to throw people off the scent by hashtagging, “#mysistertakesgoodphotos” but this wasn’t enough to convince bahie fans!

“Sister” wrote one fan sarcastically with the laughing crying emoji in the comments.

“I spy with my little eyes, something beginning with H. #supersleuth” wrote another.


“I think I’m putting some money on Helena!” someone else wrote.

Matt has confirmed in the past that he definitely ends up finding love on the show, unlike past Bachelors *cough* Nick Cummins *cough*.

He even told Kyle and Jackie O that he has the lucky lady saved in his phone under a secret nickname.


So if he’s going to that sort of effort to hide her identity, do we really think he would go and post an obvious photo confirming the winner? Maybe it’s an old photo? Maybe he’s trying to deliberately make us think Helena wins to hide the real winner?

We guess we’ll have to wait and see. But if Helena is the winner, we wouldn’t be mad about it. She’s definitely one of our favs!

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