Hugh Sheridan has hit out at rumours of a romance with co-star Delta Goodrem, saying “it must be a slow news day.” 

Speaking to Jodie & Soda on our sister station Mix 102.3, the popular actor poked fun at the reports, saying he and Delta had already laughed off pregnancy rumours.

“Delta messaged me the other day saying apparently, we’re having a baby. I just read in a magazine that I’m pregnant,” he laughed.

“I said are you sure it’s mine? She said ‘well I recently read an article that we’re together so I just assumed that it’s yours,” he continued.

Before the star appeared on Nine’s Morning Show tomorrow, he revealed his sister has set him the challenge of questioning host Karl Stefanovic about his intentions with sources now claiming he’s dating Delta.

“I thought who’s baby is it then?” Hugh joked with Jodie & Soda. 


True to his word, when asked about Delta, Hugh responded: “Actually this is a bone I’d like to pick with you Karl, because Delta contacted me the other day and said we’re having a baby as well,” he said.

“I said, ‘Are you sure it’s mine?’ and she said she just read an article that we were together, then found out she was pregnant, so she assumes it’s mine.

“But my sister Zoe told me that you too are dating Delta, so I wanna know whose baby it is. Is it mine or is it yours?” he asked.

”She’s busy! I don’t know, you’ll have to wait until next week’s front cover to find out, because I think there’s someone else in the mix this week, and I don’t like it,” laughed Stefanovic.

Delta responded by sharing the link to the interview and simply tweeting laughing emojis. Gold! 

Hear the full chat here: 


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