If you’ve been watching MKR, you’ll DEFINITELY know about Dee and Tim.

Dee could be described as the overbearing, over-opinionated guest who is incredibly critical of everyone else’s food – and complains about being hungry – A LOT!

Now the attention has turned from Dee’s critical nature, to her alleged bullying of her doting husband, Tim.

Within minutes of last night’s episode, where Tim and Dee were cooking, social media went into meltdown.

The subject was slamming Dee for her behaviour towards Tim as they hosted their instant restaurant. Before the starter was even served, Dee was shouting at Tim over not watching over her elements too.

He was reprimanded over bread, inions and forgetting a vital ingredient.


People were NOT happy.

It wasn’t long until the hashtag, #saveTim was created.

One user wrote: ‘This is actually psychological/ emotional abuse – imagine if the husband was treating the wife this way?’


‘Can you imagine the outrage if it was Tim who treated Dee like this? He’d be roasted on a spit and there’d be a Royal Commission. #MKR,’ someone else chimed in.

Many wanted to help Tim and one user echoed their sentiments by writing: ‘Who wants to crowdfund for a new set of balls for Tim? Or refer him to a good divorce lawyer…#SaveTim #MKR.’

Source: Daily Mail

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