This morning on the TODAY Show, we witnessed a rather turbulent Mixed Grill featuring MORNINGS host David Campbell.

Karl Stefanovic brought up Shane Warne’s line of questioning relating to celebratory drinking while he was chatting to the players after their World Cup win.

The questions in erm… question, were all related to ‘How thirsty’ the players were and how many days their celebrations would go for, alluding to the possibility of a celebratory bender.

David Campbell was openly not a fan of the line of questioning, pointing out that the questions should relate to what happened on the field, not just the post-match celebrations.

Campbell brought up the heavy drinking culture in Australia and reminded the panel that there are many young supporters who look up to these sporting superstars, Karl didn’t share his point of view.

He felt that after what the boys had done on the field, they deserved a celebration.

Campbell agreed that a drink was probably in order if they wanted that, but that the focus didn’t have to be on alcohol.


See the footage of Campbell’s answer to the question below…


Video via The TODAY Show Facebook page

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