Sorry to be so frank with you, but I (along with a lot of other people) am PISSED about this.

We’ve been subjected to the box gap, bridges and pencil-under-the-boob viral trends over the years, and quite frankly – enough is enough.

Well, apparently not. Because now we’re hearing about the ‘A4 waist’ trend. It’s basically where women hold up an A4 piece of paper to their waist and measure if their waist is as thin as the paper, if it is – they pass.

#A4waist 已经奔着A3去了

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So many women around the world have taken to the challenge, but many are saying it sets women back into the dark ages.

In a time where the emphasis is on health and fitness, rather than weight, it has to be asked, ‘why are we still placing these unrealistic measures on ourselves?’


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#a4waist get!!✅

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#a4waist #chanllenge #fun Heard its popular ? Lol

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Source: Daily Mail

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