Parents can hand out some pretty amazing advice at times and it seems Sam Smith’s father hit the nail on the head with these words of wisdom. 

When a book arrived in his dressing room at Madison Square Gardens before a performance Smith wasn’t sure what to expect.

But the words on the page certainly resonated with him and he believes they have played a part in his current success. 

The passage of text read as follows: 

“Every child is born in the garden of humanity as a flower. Each flower differs from every other flower. There are many messages in our socsiety that tell us, even when we’re young people, that there’s something wrong with us and that if we just buy the right product, or look a certain way, or have the right partner, that will fix it. As grown-ups, we can remind young people that they’re already beautiful as they are; they don’t have to be someone else.” 


Pretty strong words to live by right? 

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