A British dad has become an internet star after borrowing his son’s GoPro for his holiday to Amsterdam.. but he filmed incorrectly the whole time.

Howard Newman’s son Mark posted the amused footage online after his Dad got home and found that his Dad and his Mum, Joan, had managed to use the camera the wrong away around for their whole trip.

The only way that it was found they hadn’t done it right, was when they passed the GoPro back to Mark, who was ready to edit and he realised they had captured themselves for the whole holiday.

The clip starts, amazingly, with Howard pointing at the camera at his face and not out of the train window and he says ”And here we are in the Netherlands. Notice the difference”.

He smiles to the camera before struggling to stop the camera from recording, even though there is only three buttons.

When he starts to re-record, the camera is still pointing at his face and he says ”take two; I failed at the last one but we are now at Rotterdam central.”

There is one moment where they actually film the right way around, panning the camera as an airplane passes overhead, before he somehow manages to go back into selfie mode.


When Howard passes the camera to his wife, she films the correct way around, so the moment they arrive into Amsterdam is captured correctly.

The best part of the whole video? When Howard says ”I wish I could see what I was filming”.

If only you had turned the camera around, Howard.

Credit: Daily Mail

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