Last week we were all surprised and delighted at the video put up by cute family vloggers, Sam and Nia.

Nia had told Sam that she was two late and Sam took it upon himself to use a dropper in the toilet to see if his wife was pregnant so that he could surprise her for a change!

The glee on Sam’s face when he discovered his wife was pregnant was infectious, you couldn’t wipe the smile on your face while watching – and it only got wider as you saw Sam reveal the big news to his wife infront of their two kids. And it seemed the internet agreed, with the video being viewed by an impressive almost 12 million people.

It was the happiest you could probably ever hope to see two people – and they had no idea that just a week later it was all going to come to a devastating end.

Yes, just a day after finding out they were pregnant, the couple put up a video talking through the grief.


The gleefully happy couple are now sporting devastating expressions and your heart just breaks watching them.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family.

Source: Sam and Nia Youtube and Bustle

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