We thought we’d seen every type of gender reveal video idea there is, until THIS souped up extravaganza happened!

An American family have shared a video on YouTube in which they announce their second child’s gender in a seriously unique way – by using the coloured smoke clouds from a car doing a burnout.

With our second child on the way we fitted our single turbo Toyota Supra that my wife Cori drives with colored smoke tires that we had shipped to us from our friends at East Coast Customs in Brisbane, QLD” said the father-to-be. 

Yes Australia, we contributed to this baby-themed burnout masterpiece. 


“The color would be blue if we were having a boy and red/pink if it was a girl and then we gathered our families and friends to have a party. The results speak for themselves and I have some prepping to do for my little girl now!”

The video was shot was back in July 2015, so we can only imagine what tricks this family pulled for their little one’s actual birth announcement. 

Watch the video above to see the somewhat bizarre footage – it’s certainly no tame burnout. 

Source: Essential Baby