They have both been on the free market for a while, and it looks like Kendall Jenner and Orlando Bloom have followed the red carpet (of love) to each other. According to The Sun, the genetically blessed two-some have had quite a few dates. Despite their age gap – she is 19, he is 38 – the two are reportedly enjoying spending time together. We can only speculate that their conversation topics are somewhere between the life and times of being brunette, famous and attractive; to the current Syrian crisis (never know!).

According to reports, they have spotted hanging out at Malibu’s sushi eatery, Bui Sushi and cruising around in his car.

Look, we can never be sure if these kinds of rumours are true until they officially Tweet love notes to each, but in the mean time we are happy to imagine what a glorious-looking couple these two would make.
We look forward to seeing what happens next with the Calvin Klein model and Miranda Kerr’s ex.

Source: Daily Mail