Some really scary research has just come out of the New England Journal of Medicine.

The journal has found that two women who used their phone in bed at night, went temporarily blind.

It is called transient smartphone ‘blindness’ and they believe it is going to happen to us all.

The first case they presented is from a 22-year-old who suffered continually impaired vision at night. The second was a 20-year-old woman who would lose her vision for 15 minutes upon waking each morning for 6 moths.

Upon examination by doctors, it turned out each woman experienced her symptoms after ”viewing a smartphone screen, in the dark, while lying in bed”.

According to livescience, the doctors tested their theory themselves after the initial research and found ”their vision was considerably reduced and took several minutes to recover.”

It happens because of a  “differential bleaching of photopigment” caused by the contrast of the brightness of the phone and the dark. This is becoming something doctors are seeing more and more.


Currently there is no solution offered by the report but basically… we should stop looking at our phone in the dark as much.

Problem solved.. kind of.