If you’ve been watching Kylie Jenner over the last year or two, you’ll know that she’s changed her look, quite a bit.

After admitting getting injections in her lips, it’s become rather obvious that that’s not where the alterations have stopped.

According to a source, Kylie’s family and friends have become concern over Kylie’s obsession with her look and are worried that boyfriend Tyga is encouraging her to carry on with the cosmetic procedures.

This photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner together confirms how different she looks, and compared to a photo from 2012, shows that she doesn’t even look like the same person.

Her eye colour has changed, as have many of the features on her face.

It seems that at the tender age of just 18, she may be following in the footsteps of big sister Kim and mum Kris, who are both no stranger to fillers and cosmetic procedures.


Kris Jenner underwent a full face lift recently and was photographed with duck-lips, supposedly from some kind of insect sting.

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