An anti-same-sex marriage advertisement aired on Channels 7 and 9 on Saturday while the 37th Sydney Mardi Gras parade was under way has caused outrage. The advertisement was also scheduled to be aired on SBS however they decided to pull it from their broadcast on Friday. 

The ad shows a mother sitting at a playground table with her daughter while her husband and son play in the background. She says, “we hear a lot about marriage equality, but what about equality for kids?” 

The advertisement then cuts to David Van Gend who is actually the President of the Australian Marriage Forum as well as a family doctor, however in the 43 second video he is only titled as “family doctor.” 

He says, “So-called marriage equality forces a child to miss out on a mother or a father.” 

The ad was originally booked and paid for but Van Gend received an email from SBS on Friday saying they had pulled it, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.  

“Our review board has instructed that SBS has the right to choose what ads we run, and I’ve unfortunately been instructed to advise you that we choose not to run this TVC for the Marriage Forum during the Mardi Gras telecast,” the email from SBS sales manager for Queensland, Nick Belof, said. 


Dr Van Gend said that pulling the ad was a “suppression of free speech.” 

“SBS gives free airtime for them to make their political point on ‘marriage equality’, but refuses to show even one minute of a paid ad presenting an opposing view.” 

Prior to this the video had received regulatory approval in February as a political advertisement. 

Rodney Croome, the National Director of Australian Marriage Equality said the ad was “actually harming the many Australian children being raised by same-sex couples because it defends discrimination against their families”.

Dr Van Gend responded by saying, “I challenge Croome as to who is “actually harming” children here. A large peer-reviewed study published in January drawn from over 200,000 children, found that emotional problems in children are four times higher in same-sex households than in households with both biological parents. And the difference had nothing to do with social “stigmatisation.”

Watch the controversial advertisement here. 


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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