It may sound a little absurd, but strip club juice bars are actually a real thing.

Devised in (where else but) America by adult-website owner, Shane Harrington, he was of the thinking that while people were in a strip club, soaking up their surroundings, what they’d wish for most over a beer was a nutritious wheatgrass smoothie.

Yep, it’s what anyone would want, right?

No, not really.

Harrington’s vision of a safe haven for erotic dancing, where women can take off their clothes and guests can enjoy a green juice may in fact become a reality. He plans to open up a series of nudist juice bars along insterstate 80 in Nebraska.

The alcohol-free strip club is not for those looking to get drunk or take illegal substances, says the owner.

“We’re going to be an alcohol-free strip club. A drug-free strip club. If girls want to drink or do drugs, we’re not the right strip club for you,” Harrington told


Image via Youtube.

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