Men who have been circumcised may soon be able to have their foreskin regrown. A non-profit U.S. organisation, ‘Foregen’ says it is close to developing a method that will allow men’s skin to regenerate.

The procedure is being developed due to the growing number of men who are angry about being circumcised, before they had the ability to give consent. These men call themselves “intactivists” and are becoming increasingly vocal with their outrage. There have been online forums and websites created, such as ‘’ for them to voice their opinions. Their number one complaint is that they experience de-sensitivity in the head of the penis and cannot enjoy sex in the same way as non-circumcised males. 

There has been much debate between medical experts about whether circumcision should be performed at all. So far research shows that the health benefits of circumcision are a reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases, protects against the risk of developing a urinary tract infection and reduced risk of penile cancer. 

The company claims it will be able to re-grow the removed tissue and this will fully restore the sensitivity in that area. 

Source: Mail Online

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