Even Chrissy Teigen gets broken up with.

The stunning supermodel opened up in the December issue of Cosmopolitan, revealing that now-husband John Legend called time on their relationship a few years ago.

“Early on in the relationship, I was on tour with him and he’d gotten sick,” she said. “He was feeling really bummed and stressed out. 

“He was like, ‘I can’t be in a relationship right now.’

“That lasted for one day. Literally, a day.

“I knew it came from a place other than us not working… I always joke, ‘Remember when you tried to break up with me?’

“He’s like, ‘Yes, sorry. Big mistake.'”


Imagine if he hadn’t realised he’d stuffed up. We’d never have been blessed with the wonder that is Luna in a hot dog costume.

have you ever seen a more “why me?” face 😭

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Chrissy also admitted that, when she first met John, she had no idea how, um, popular, he was among the model set.

“I didn’t know it, but John used to be a notorious modeliser,” she said. “To me, he was the sweetest teddy bear.

“What’s funny is that I get along with everyone he’s ever been with. I end up really liking them.


“After I see them, I’ll tell him, ‘Oh, I was on-set with your ex today – it was fun!’

“It was before me, so it’s fine.”

We want Chrissy to be our wife.